Organizational Sustainability Consulting is a firm dedicated to the health, vitality, and stewardship of independent schools.


We bring a mission-driven, data-informed lens to partnering with schools in four key ares:

  • Financial and Organizational Sustainability Coaching and Facilitation ​​

  • Viability Analysis and Planning

  • ​​Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement Audits​​

  • Financial Modeling Consultation

Areas of Consulting

  • Financial and Organizational Sustainability Coaching and Facilitation ​​

    • Mission and financial capacity alignment planning

    • Action steps for strategic planning and accreditation

    • Board and leadership team retreats and working sessions

    • One-on-one head of school sustainability coaching

  • Viability Analysis and Planning

    • New school startup planning

    • Intergenerational equity examination for major initiatives 

    • Ongoing feasibility analysis for struggling schools

  • ​​Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement Audits​​

    • Personnel and structure assessment

    • Return-on-investment analysis

  • Financial Modeling Consultation

    • Fiscal stress testing (market capacity, philanthropy, and debt load)

    • Integrated revenue and expense assessments

    • Resource optimization analysis

About Organizational Sustainability Consulting


Dr. Ari Betof, President

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